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Delivering wind farms through supply chains requires a strong network of experts who collaborate seamlessly.


Founder & Managing Director, WindSCS
Chairman, Wind Logistics Alliance

Empowering Wind Solutions

Tony Noske, an expert in the field of supply chain logistics, has been at the forefront of innovative high productivity supply chain solutions for over four decades. During the last decade, this same mindset has been introduced to the onshore wind project supply chain in Australia. In his time he has partnered with some of the best experts in the industry and has developed a strong understanding of the productivity and financial benefits to projects of a strong collaboration network. From onshore wind into the emerging offshore wind, Tony's alliance partner relationships can bring together every niche required to deliver optimised wind project supply chain services.


"Never be too busy to listen to your team because it's the ultimate form of respect any leader can give to every member of that team"



Supply Chain Solutions

We bring together every niche in the supply chain required to deliver wind farms in Australia

Shipping Containers

Ports Layouts & Marshalling Services


Government Engagement

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electrical work 2.png

Turbine & Electrical Installation

mooring line 1.png

Sub Sea Offshore Mooring Solutions

Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen

Supply Chain Cash Flow

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Suitable Cranes

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Management of Trades

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People Training,
GWO & Supply Chain

Loading Cargo

Port Machinery

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Tower Erection

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